On walls, on ceilings, on floors; as part of window and door treatments, integrating furnishings and structure of the interior space; combined with gardens or pools, as a company logo or a theme for a restaurant, a hotel, a hospital…

Murals can be created in any medium, of any subject, in a range of styles…to suit the client and the situation; executed by Carol Crawford or another artist on commission.

Children’s Rooms

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Staten Island University Hospital Rehabilitation Facility

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Staten Island University Hospital Hospice

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A Mural For Hospice Conference RoomStaten Island University Hospital, NY

The hospice conference room’s second window had been obliterated by adjacent construction, and with it, a wonderful view across New York Bay to the Verrazano Bridge…We restored the view pictorially.
watercolor sketch of Verrazzano Bridge by Carol Crawford

watercolor sketch of Verrazzano Bridge by Carol Crawford

3 views of the mural in progress and a view of the Verrazano Bridge


Each month, the Hospice staff covers the floor of their conference room with a huge cloth maze, which patients and guests walk through as part of a meditative exercise.  An oncology nurse, who had developed a complementary medical program for the hospital, called shortly after her group of recovering cancer patients saw the mural for the first time.  They had just arrived for their usual monthly maze-walk, an element of their self-healing regimen.  She reported that they were astonished at the room’s transformation, and exclaimed, “We should have had this all along!”

They claimed that they felt physically better after being in the space, surrounded by the mural landscape.

Murals can be designed to be movable panels or screens or painted on canvas that can be hung like wallpaper. The mural is limited only by the imagination and craft of the designer, with the collaborative vision of the client who commissions it.

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